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A Gallery for the World Ayahuasca Conference

Friday, April 12th, 2019
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Dreams & Divinities is honored to have a gallery at the World Ayahuasca Conference this May !

“Exploring the inner search for a better world! The World Ayahuasca Conference will explore how ayahuasca practices have impacts not only on individuals, but also on communities, societies, and this planet we call home.” Join us in Girona, Spain! From May 31-June 2, 2019

Get your tickets here:

Use the code ENTHEO10 for a 10% discount


Martina HoffmannIhti andersonJake KobrinRoku SasakiDennis KonstantinDennis KonstantinAutumn SkyeFabian JiminezOliver Benson Martina HoffmannLiba WSRoku SasakiLobsang Melendez AhuanariAmanda SageJake KobrinJoshua LevinLiba WSOliver Benson     Brude RimellRoku SasakiHannah Faith YataOliver BensonEmma WatkinsonMichael DivinieWalter TamaniAndrew GonzalezChris DyerMartina HoffmannJoshua LevinStuart GriggsLiba WSAndrew GonzalezIhti andersonMark HensonTessa MythosAmanda SageCarlos CabanChris DyerAndrew GonzalezOlga SpiegelMark HensonAutumn SkyeChris Dyer

Arizona Psychedelic Conference

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019
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Dreams & Divinities will be exhibiting at the Arizona Psychedelic Conference.

Coming to Arizona, this February 2019!
Amazing Speakers, conferences and art gallery!
Get your tickets online:

If you cannot come, enjoy the online gallery.

Emma Watkinson Emma Watkinson Bruce Rimell Martina Hoffmann Martina Hoffmann Amanda Sage Andrew Gonzalez Amanda Sage Amanda Sage  Andrew Gonzalez Liba WS Mark Henson Lian Kolster Lian Kolster  Mark Henson TEssa Mythos Liba WS Bruce Rimell Tessa Mythos Numa Firefly Fabian Jimenez Autumn Skye Andrew Gonzalez


Friday, September 7th, 2018
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Dreams & Divinities will be the guest of honor at this year’s bienalle of the Imaginative arts.

The show will be held in a few areas in the town of Sedan, France, with the Salle Marcilet being the main exhibition hall. We will be there!

October 6th – 21st 2018

If you are interested in the full schedule, you can consult their site:

Here is a peek at the original Dreams & Divinities art which will be on display this year.

Kim Evans

Romualdas Petrauskas Don FarrellRomualdas Petrauskas

David Heskin - Aloria WeaverRoku SasakiAloria Weaver

Steven KennyRobert VenosaSteven Kenny

Martina HoffmannMark GarroPascal Ferry

Carrie Ann BaadeAlain MargottonIan Whittaker

Hannah Faith YataPeter GricMichel Bassot

Otto RappLuis TamaniMark Henson

Android JonesRobert Steven ConnetOliver Benson

Bette BurgoyneGromyko SemperBette Burgoyne

Liba WSLiba WSLiba WS

Patrice HubertPatrice HubertPatrice Hubert

Otto RappDon FarrellRomualdas Petrauskas

Brigid MarlinEmma Watkinson

Julie BarohBruce Rimmell (second photo image under black light)













Album of Sacred Deer for the Chateau de Comper Show

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018
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Chateau de Comper

The Sacred Deer show which was launched in November in Paris, has now packed up and headed for the magical Arthurian Forest of Broceliande.

The Arthurian Center for Imagination’s museum is in a castle nestled deep in the forest. They will hold the opening on Friday July 20th. This will coincide with their yearly Book fair wherein Dreams & Divinities will be presenting their books.

Liba WS of Dreams & Divinities has curated this show of twenty-four imaginative artists. The Brittany show will include new artists and will be up from July 4th through September 2nd.

Centre de l’Imaginaire Arthurien
Château de Comper-en-Brocéliande


Roku Sasaki           *             Vesna Krasnec           *         Oliver Benson

Liba WS             *        Carrie Ann Baade      *     Martina Hofmann

Amanda Sage & Joe BobMeritt *     Lian Kostler        * Bruce Rimell

David Heskin                 *      Carlos Caban                * Autumn Skye

Michel Bassot            *     Andrew Gonzalez   *        Zeljko Djurovic

Kathleen Schmieder     *     Pascal Ferry     *       Jennifer Mceuen


Severine Pineaux         *     Julie Baroh        *             Tessa Mythos

Vera Atlantia              *           Don Farrell                 *          Liba WS


A Fernal Exhibit & Booksigning For the Solstice.

Monday, November 30th, 2015
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banner Matahati Fernal letters only

December 12th – February 30th 2015 at MATAHATI

– Exhibit of Fernal Paintings and Letters from The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs

Martina Hoffmann, Gromyko Semper, Dengcoy Miel, Liba WS, Michel Bassot,

Roku Sasaki, Otto Rapp, Carrie Ann Baade, Zeljko Djurovic,

Wessi, Madeline Von Foerster, Gwyllm Llwyd,

Pascal Ferry, Timea Tallian, Maura Holden

Liba WSMartina HoffmannLiba WSPascal FerryMadeline Von FoersterRoku SasakiGromyko SemperRoku SasakiRoku SasakiWessiNatureSpirit-TimeaTallianrvbMaura HoldenDengcoy MielMartina HoffmannDengcoy MielZeljko DjurovicMichel BassotOtto RappGwyllm LwyddLiba WS

Vernissage – Concert
Samedi 12 décembre
entre 19h30 et 22h
26, rue Saint-Ambroise
75011 Paris
01 58 30 77 20 –

You can also buy the book on line:

The Encyclopeida of Fernal Affairs


Welcoming Spring with a launch for the San Cristobal Exhibit & Events

Friday, April 4th, 2014
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Second Album in a series of albums commemorating the show in San Cristobal

March 21st 2014

Welcoming Spring with all our Love and Beauty

“La Enseñanza Casa De La Ciudad”
San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

Opening night - a Pascal imagewelcome - image Mark Henson 4Liba with the Director f the Ensenanza and the Minister of Culture - picture Michel Roudniskacarlos Sepeda - Secretary of Economic and Social Development - picture Michel RoudniskaThe artistas - a Pascal imageLiba & Gabriela with the Director of the Ensenanza - a Pascal imageAll in white for the incoming Spring - a Pascal imageit's launched - picture Michel RoudniskaArtists present at the opening - a Pascal image-a Pascal Stambollion picHector Pineda - picture Michel Roudniska- a Carrie Anne Baade image Liba & Gabriela- a Fabian Jimenez picture 2Otto Rapp- picture Michel Roudniskaopening night - picture Michel RoudniskaOtto Rapp  - a Pascal imageAxel with Carlos - picture Michel Roudniska998441_748577398509893_1005784598_n6Opening - a Pascal imageDon Farrell & his wife - a Pascal imageAxel & Vincent Gallet -  Pascal Stambollion picOpening night - a Pascal imageBruce Rimell -  Pascal Stambollion picOpening night - a Pascal imageMichel Roudnitska -  Pascal Stambollion picGabriela Garza Padilla with Fabian Jimenez - a Fabian Jimenez picture 11Axel Lecourt- a Fabian Jimenez picture 3red ribbon - picture Michel Roudniska- a Fabian Jimenez picture 4image from Iran 3Welcome! - image from Iran 4- a Fabian Jimenez picture 7a Gabriela Garza Padilla pictureimage - Pascal Stambollion - picture Michel Roudniskathe show is open - picture Michel RoudniskaA Michel Roudnitska photoa Gabriela Garza Padilla pictureimage - Pascal Stambollion- a Carrie Anne Baade image 5image - Pascal Stambollionimage - Pascal Stambollionimage - Pascal Stambollionimage - Pascal Stambollionimage - Pascal StambollionGaia Orion - a Pascal Stambollion picDennis Potokar - image - Pascal Stambollionimage - Pascal Stambollionimage - Pascal StambollionMartin Stensaas- Pascal Stambollion picLiba WS, Mavi Remmires, Gabriela Garza Padilla,  - Pascal Stambollion picMayan Dancers to lead the parade through the streets- Pascal Stambollion picReady to take the show to the streets- image Mark Henson 2- a Carrie Anne Baade image - 91Spring bienvenido - Pascal2Spring bienvenido - Pascal3Spring bienvenido - Pascalparade - picture Michel Roudniskadancing in the streets - picture Michel RoudniskaSpring bienvenido - Pascal6Spring bienvenido - Pascal7Spring bienvenido - Pascalparade2 - picture Michel Roudniska-- image Mark Henson12Spring bienvenido - PascalSpring bienvenido - a Pascal image

The first album “Setting up the Show” has been updated with photos of artists & their paintings:

Roku Sasaki -  A Don Farrell image


Friday, March 7th, 2014
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Viernes 21 de marzo / Friday March 21st
“La Enseñanza Casa De La Ciudad”
17:00 hrs. Inauguración de la Exposición de Arte Plástico “Dreams and Divinities, México 2014”.
17:00 hrs. Opening of the Exhibition of Visual Arts “Dreams and Divinities, México 2014”

18:00 hrs : “Poesía + iva”. Primavera ven a mí.
Vístete de blanco y ven a celebrar con música en las calles!
18:00 hrs : “Poesía + iva”. Primavera ven a mí.
Local Festival to bring in the Springtime. Dress in white and come
celebrate music in the streets!

Sábado 22 de marzo / Saturday March 22nd
“La Enseñanza Casa De La Ciudad »
11:00 hrs: Conferencia: “Spirits of Creation: The Genius, the Daemon, and the Artist”, por Carrie Ann Baade, USA. Profesora de Pintura de la Florida State University y curadora de su Fine Arts Museum.
11 :00 hrs. Presentation : « Spirits of Creation : The Genius, the Daemon, and the Artist », by Carrie Ann Baade, USA – Associate Professor of Painting at the Florida State University, and a curator of the Florida museum.

“La Enseñanza Casa De La Ciudad »
12:30 hrs. Proyección del documental: “Following Dreams & Divinities”, por Vincent Gallet. Francia. Actor y cineasta parisino que documenta la odisea de este proyecto mundial para ser presentada en cadenas de televisión de Francia y Alemania. (V. Gallet estará filmando también las experiencias en San Cristóbal de Las Casas).
12:30 hrs. Documentary film: “Following Dreams & Divinities”, by Vincent Gallet, France. Parisian actor and film maker

Vincent Gallet is in Mexico to film part two of the Dreams & Divinities odyssey on its next step out of Spain and into Mexico. Part One offers interviews with artists and images of artwork, offering the public an understanding of this new global movement of Conscious Art.

“Nahual-ha. Centro de Medicina Alternativa”
19:00 hrs.. Ceremonia maya de purificación por el fuego, realizada por la sacerdotisa Flori Pérez.
19:00 hrs. Mayan Fire Ceremony of Cleansing & Healing
Performed by the Mayan Priestess Flori Pérez.

Domingo 23 de marzo: Sunday March 23rd:
“La Enseñanza Casa De La Ciudad »
11:00 hrs. Jade Leyva-Frouge. USA-México. Conferencia sobre su proyecto “Seeds. A Collective Voice”, (En español) Sobre la importancia crucial de salvar las semillas de nuestros alimentos del monopolio de unos cuantos.
11 :45 hrs. “Seeds. A Collective Voice” in English, by Jade Leyva-Frouge. USA-México. Mexican artist and activist.
Seeds is a Creative Arts Project which expresses the importance of saving our heritage seeds from the monopoly of industrial giants such as Monsanto.

“La Enseñanza Casa De La Ciudad »
16:00 hrs: Conferencia: “Occupy Your Art.” por Mark Henson. USA.
M. Henson es, desde hace varias décadas, uno de los principales exponentes mundiales del Movimiento del Arte Consciente.
16 :00 hrs. Presentation : « Occupy Your Art » by Mark Henson, USA.
M. Henson has for decades been a pillar of Conscious Art. He lectures about social responsibility through the Arts, organizes festivals and paints.

“La Enseñanza Casa De La Ciudad »
20 :30 hrs : Pintura en Vivo con Fabián Jiménez, México, y Kristina Lazar, USA.

Música en Vivo con Edric Sadat – Tzab-ek, México y Axel Lecourt , Francia ; y Proyección del Video Loop Psicodélico por Ben Ridgeway, USA.

20:30 hrs. Live Painting with Fabián Jiménez, México and Krisztina Lazar, USA. Live Music with Axel Lecourt, France and Edric Sadat – Tzab-ek, México;  Psychedelic Video Loop by Ben Ridgeway. USA

Lunes 24 de marzo / Monday March 24th :
Tour a Palenque. La Secretaría de Turismo del estado de Chiapas nos ha brindado un tour para 15 personas. Si estás interesado, por favor contáctanos para más detalles.
The Tourism Department of the State of Chiapas has given us the gift of a tour for 15 peoples. Please contact us for details if you are interested.

Martes 25 de marzo / Tuesday March 25th :
“Ex Convento de Santo Domingo – . Centro de Textiles del Mundo Maya”
11 :00 hrs. Conferencia: “Creative Mythology” por Bruce Rimell. Reino Unido.
B. Rimell es un artista, ilustrador y escritor de varios libros y ensayos cuyas expresiones únicas abarcan lo shamánico y lo minóico, lo imaginativo y lo arqueológico.
11:00 hrs. Presentation: “Creative Mythology”, by Bruce Rimell, United Kingdom.
B. Rimell is an artist, illustrator and author of several books and essays. His unique expressions unfolds the shamanic and the minoic, the imaginative and the archeological.

“Ex Convento de Santo Domingo – . Centro de Textiles del Mundo Maya”
12:30 hrs. Evento Multisensorial, por Michel Roudnitska. Francia.
Artista interdisciplinario. Experto en creación de imágenes y experto en la industria del perfume en Francia. Sus audiovisuales exploran la relación entre las imágenes visuales y las “formas olfativas”.
12:30 hrs: Multisensory Event, by Michel Roudnitska. France.
M. Roudnitska is a multidisciplinary artist; expert in the French perfume as well as digital imagery. His perfomances explore the relationship between images, music and “olfactive forms”.

“Chapel of Na-Bolom”
18:00 hrs. Lectura de Poesía por Teresa Clayton, USA. Escritora de novela, poesía, cuento y ensayo del género místico, gótico y de horror. Bruce Rimell, Reino Unido. Artista visionario y escritor. Liba Waring Stambollion, USA-Francia. Artista multidisciplinaria, y creadora de Dreams and Divinities y del libro Divining the Dream que acompaña estas exhibiciones. Gabriela Garza Padilla, México. Artista visual y poetisa.
18:00 hrs. Poetry Reading by: Teresa Clayton, USA. Published author of novellas, poetry, short stories, and essays of the mystic, gothic and horror genre.
Bruce Rimell, United Kingdom. Visionary artist and author.
Liba Waring Stambollion, USA-France. Multidisciplinary artist, poet, bookmaker and creator of Dreams and Divinities
Gabriela Garza Padilla, México. Visual artist and poet.

Miercoles 26 de marzo / Wednesday March 26th:
“Parque Arcotete. En la cueva.” Park Arcotete – in the cave
12:00 hrs. Parque Arcotete. En la cueva. Concierto de Música y Sonidos Amazónicos por Axel Lecourt. A. Lecourt trabaja para la Cité de la Musique, del Ministerio de Cultura de Francia.
12 :00 hrs. Concert with Sounds from the Jungle, by Axel Lecourt.
A. Lecourt is an International performing musician who also works for the Cité de la Musique, Culture Ministery of France.


“La Enseñanza Casa De La Ciudad”
Belisario Dominguez #13,
San Cristóbal de Las Casas,
Chiapas, México. C.P 29200
Tel: (967) 63 166 55
Donación a La Enseñanza Casa de La Ciudad $ 25 pesos
Día de la inauguración la entrada es libre.
Donation to the museum for events (excluding the inaugration)
is 25 pesos.

Ex Convento de Santo Domingo
2nd floor – Centro de Textiles del Mundo Maya
Av. 20 de Noviembre s/n Barrio El Cerrillo
San Cristóbal de Las Casas
ph: (967) 631.3094

Chapel of Na-Bolom
Museo Na-Bolom Vicente Guerrero
# 33 Barrio El Cerrillo San Cristóbal de Las Casas

Nahual-ha. Center for Alternative Medicine
Calzada Daniel Sarmiento Rojas # 40 Los Alcanfores
San Cristóbal de Las Casas
ph: (967) 678.92.24

Donativos voluntarios tanto para el centro Nahual-ha como para
la sacerdotisa.
Donations for the center and Priestess are voluntary

Donación para Dreams and Divinities es voluntaria.
Hemos sido invitados a exponer a más lugares en México. Ayúdanos a financiar estas posibilidades convirtiéndote en patrocinador dando una donación.

Donations to Dreams & Divinities is voluntary
We have been invited to more places in Mexico.
Help us finance these possibilities by becoming a sponsor or giving a donation.

Contacto / Contact &

button Mexico

The Travelling Show celebrates the Equinox in Paris.

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013
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Banner PAris 

Bilingual Description – English below.


Après un lancement réussi à l’église San Marcos de Tolède,

“The Dreams and Divinities Travelling Show” a poursuivi son périple espagnol et arrive à Paris.

Du 13 septembre au 5 octobre 2013

Trente maitres de l’art visionnaire, surréaliste et fantastique 


Vernissage avec concert: 13 Septembre

Ouverture: 18 :00

Concert acoustique interactif avec Axel Lecourt : 19:30
De l’arc en bouche à la flûte pygmée, du rite aux rythmes, des sons et musiques des forêts primaires du Gabon à l’Amazonie, l’artiste Axel Lecourt, musicien insolite, partage ces voyages, sa joie de vivre et son Amour de la nature à travers une improvisation collective.


Célébration de l’équinoxe: 21 Septembre

Ouverture: 19:00

Présentation multi sensorielle par Michel Roudnitska: 20:00 -20:30

“Soleils Intérieurs” – Voyage au cœur des chakras et des éléments.

 Création vidéo HD d’inspiration chamanique et visionnaire à partir d’images de nature et d’images de synthèse (fractales, particules…) associée à une partition olfactive et sonore. Une immersion multi sensorielle et méditative sous forme de tableaux mouvants et évolutifs.”

Documentaire sur Dreams & Divinities: 21:00 -21:45

Le documentaire « Dreams  & Divinities » de Vincent Gallet sera projeté pour la première fois

à l’occasion de l’évènement.


THE VISIONARY ART GALLERY of PARIS  – “Atelier Porte-Soleil”

57 rue des Vinaigriers, 75010 PARIS

 entrée libre de 15 à 20h sauf dimanche et lundi- Visites sur rendez-vous au 01 44 72 94 33


Liste des artistes /List of artists:

Adam Scott Miller

Amanda Sage

Bruce Rimell

Carrie Ann Baade

Chris Dyer

Cody Seekins

Don Farrell

Elisa Keir

Elisabeth Slettnes

Emma Watkinson

Gabriela Garza Padilla

Gromyko Semper

Hugues Gillet

Iain Whittaker

Leo Plaw

Liba Waring Stambollion

Marcus McAllister

Martina Hoffmann

Maura Holden

Michel Bassot

Nobuki Omori

Onayanti-Betzon Macahuachi & Paolo Del Aguila Sajami

Onayanti-Daniel Tamani & Juan Carlos Taminchi

Onayanti-Geores Quebedo  & Tito Jorge Cabrera

Onayanti – peintre Luis Tamani Amasifuen

Otto Rapp

Peter Gric

Raul Casillas Romo

Robert Venosa

Roku Sasaki

Santiago Ribeiro

Sarah Zambiasi

Shoji Tanaka

Steven Kenny

Vesna Krasnec

Zeljko Djurovic




The 2013 Travelling Show was launched this Spring Equinox in the historical Iglesia St Marcos of Toledo Spain. It will finish this autumn in Paris with a celebration on the Autumn Equinox.

Because of limited space we will be exhibiting in a few Parisian places this autumn.  Artists from ‘The Travelling Show’ not in this show will be exhibited in another. TO BE ANNOUNCED.

Thirty of the the 94 pieces will be on display at “La Porte Soleil” from September 13th to October 5th 2013 (This selection consists of pieces not yet exhibited in the Gallery. Priority was given to D & D artists attending.)

OPENING WITH CONCERT: September 13th at  18 :00

Acoustical interactive concert with Axel Lecourt : 19:30

From the Mouth Harp to the Pygmy flute, Axel Lecourt engages us in the rites, rhythms and sounds of the Virgin Forests from Gabon to the Amazon. Through a collective improvisation he will take us on a voyage filled with the sounds of birds and unusual instruments, a testimony to his love for Nature and Life.

EQUINOX CELEBRATION: 21 Septembre at 19:00


A moment of Gratitude for the changing season and the art, music, wisdom, love and  appreciation we’ve had on this travelling show from Equinox to Equinox.


“Soleils Intérieurs” – Voyage into the heart of the chakras and the elements.

See, hear, smell..-Michel Roudnitska combines a High Definition video projection of digital images ( fractals, particles) and images of Nature and associates them  with sound and aromas created specifically for the given chakra or element.  The combination immerses us in a multi-sensorial experience.


Documentary on the launch of the Dreams & Divinities 2013 Travelling Show

A window into the launch with interviews, clips from the expo, the concert, the presentations…


Please use the contact form to communicate. I have my comments off due to too much spam.