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Dreams & Divinities is going to London this October. Keep posted for details!

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United Artists opens June 3rd 2022
Be sure to check out our online catalogue in the link below.

Emergence 2021 Charity Art Exhibition

LOVE Gallery is now OPEN.

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72 of the World’s most talented symbolists join together to uplift our heart our eyes, our sense of community.

Be sure to check out our new Page: Dreamy Videos!

We even have Vincent Gallet’s two documentaries on Dreams & Divinities.

Following Dreams & Divinities Mexico from Vincent GALLET on Vimeo.

Come meet 28 artists from the show.
Anthropos Festival will livestream us right here on the site
November 28th
London 9 pm GMT
Paris 10 pm CET
New York 4 pm EST
California: 1 pm PST
Sydney 8 am
Bali 5 am

Dreams & Divinites has a gallery at Spirtfest. Coming to your screens this August 8th.

Also a presentation in the PachaMama tent !

Convergence: Art in the Age of Pandaemonia

Coming to Paris this December 2-7 2019!

Atelier Gustave – 36 rue Boissonade, 75014

The Catalogue is online! Click the link below:


Coming to Girona, this May 2019!

If you are in Europe be sure not to miss this event! Details and tickets can be found on their site: 


Clicking on the poster will get you to my blog. There is a link to the album of artwork in the blog.


Coming to Arizona, this February 2019!

Get your tickets online: https://www.arizonapsychedelics.com/


Coming to Sedan, FRANCE this October 2018!

Click on the poster to see the album of paintings.


The Deer Show 2

Coming this July fourth 2018 to the Chateau de Comper

Opening and Book fair this July 20th

Broceliande Forest

Brittany, France

Click the poster to see the album of artwork!

deer show, dreams and divinities



Coming to Paris, this May!


Coming to PARIS this November!

Keep your eyes peeled for the album of paintings and the facebook event!

Coming to Colombia this December!

For more information please consult the autumn newsletter:



Up until November 5th!

A KrabJab – Dreams & Divinities Collaboration

For pictures please consult the Summer newsletter:


Modern Symbolists


Angels, Totems and Revelations

Up through April 2nd at KrabJab Studio, Seattle WA

Click the poster for photos and logistics.

angels totems web posterwide


Celebration of Autumn

Samedi 15 Octobre à Paris!

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On March 22nd, 55 International artists launched the travelling Show.

Click on the poster for the album of photos



The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs is Available

in 10 countries and Online

front back2web


Launching The Garden of Fernal Delights 

January 5th, Paris

Talk on Visionary Art and Booksigning at Solsemilla

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Transcending Duality Hule siur toile 100x100 cm

image: Liba WS

December 12th -Late February – A Fernal Solstice in Paris

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banner Matahati Fernal final2

Images from The Book Signing and Events at The Naia Museum, July 2015:


Images from the Fernal Events at Space 1970 in San Francisco, this June 2015:

2014-08-23 11.19.51

Images from the Gallery Launch at Bash


Images of the Paintings

The Garden of Fernal Delights


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A Photographic Journey of the

Divining the Dream Travelling Show

Collage Dreams Divinities


To Purchase a Book:Divining the dream2

Also available in the following Paris bookstores:

The Pompidou Museum

Musée des Arts Decoratifs of the Louvre

Palais de Tokyo

Musée d’Art Modern de Paris

Halle St Pierre


Maison Rouge

Available in 10 countries. Find the list here:


For Associated Exhibits be sure to check out Liba’s blog on the VA:


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