Dreams & Divinities will be the guest of honor at this year’s bienalle of the Imaginative arts.

The show will be held in a few areas in the town of Sedan, France, with the Salle Marcilet being the main exhibition hall. We will be there!

October 6th – 21st 2018

If you are interested in the full schedule, you can consult their site:


Here is a peek at the original Dreams & Divinities art which will be on display this year.

Kim Evans

Romualdas Petrauskas Don FarrellRomualdas Petrauskas

David Heskin - Aloria WeaverRoku SasakiAloria Weaver

Steven KennyRobert VenosaSteven Kenny

Martina HoffmannMark GarroPascal Ferry

Carrie Ann BaadeAlain MargottonIan Whittaker

Hannah Faith YataPeter GricMichel Bassot

Otto RappLuis TamaniMark Henson

Android JonesRobert Steven ConnetOliver Benson

Bette BurgoyneGromyko SemperBette Burgoyne

Liba WSLiba WSLiba WS

Patrice HubertPatrice HubertPatrice Hubert

Otto RappDon FarrellRomualdas Petrauskas

Brigid MarlinEmma Watkinson

Julie BarohBruce Rimmell (second photo image under black light)













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