Thank you Donors!!

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 With your help we are able:

– to send Gabriela back to San Cristobal to break down the show in April. This was the top priority.

– pay for the musician Axel LeCourt’s airplane ticket

– pay half of Gabriela’s and Liba’s tickets and half of Martina Hoffman’s ticket who just had major damage on her house due to flooding.

-pay for the offerings for the Fire Ceremony

-Vincent Gallet did a personal fundraiser and raised enough to pay for his ticket.

– Elisabeth Slettnes did a personal fundraiser and made enough for transport of her piece.

-Artists who sold big and medium pieces will have their transport to the next venue or back home paid partially, one way or both ways paid.

-Artist Hector Pineda of Pandora’s Box Gallery printed our posters, pamphlets and large sized stickers for the posts around the plaza.

-Artist and graphist Fabian Jiminez pritned our large vinyl banners for in front of the town hall and museum.

However we did not make the money for general transport of paintings, neither for help with accommodations for artists and performers so unfortunately a few artists had to withdraw from both the show and the voyage.

But we do have lots of amazing artists, concerts, presentations, blessings coming up and we thank you dearly for helping make that happen!


I want to thank our two sponsors who financially contributed to this campaign:


Lumin & Sens

This center for well being is located in the South of France. Offering Flotation tanks and spaces for meditation and yoga, this haven in Nature will repair the damage from the industrial world!

1650 Route de St-Vallier


+33 (0)6 09 87 67 21


Villa Sunshine -Meeting Point and Gallery

Europe’s first fine art gallery of its kind, presenting bodypainting artists from around the world and their work every month.

Am Corso 4, 9220 Velden am Wörther See, Austria
Phone+43 820 220268002


And all you lovely people who bought art from the artists, books,instruments etc  or made donations:

Stella Vittoria

Lindsey Carrell

Michel Roudniska

Gareth Price

Christian Lepère

Dominique Desorges

Morten Olsen

Joy Daniels

Gail H. Davis

Philip Moskal

Iain Whittaker

Elisa Mari Keir

Michael Cole

Bridget Sullivan

Teresa Clayton

Bruce Rimell

Gwyllm Llwydd

Harald Walter Azmann

Otto Rap

Margot Azmann

Gaia Orion

Nammu Reddy

Sandra Yagi

Olga Spiegel

Kathleen and Paul Schmieder

France Garrido

Elisabeth Slettnes

Agnes Roy

Elisabeth and Jean Brice Viaud

Sylvain Blerol

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