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Through a series of books, exhibits and events Dreams & Divinities offers the public a window into an emerging planetary movement of ‘Conscious Art’

The project unites a culturally eclectic group of artists, writers, musicians and performers, each with their unique dream of this experience, yet united through artistic collaboration and community. The quest and expression of Universal Love is a central unifying theme.

Thematically, the art is inspired by cultural/spiritual references, nature, visions, dreams or fantasy.

The principal visual styles showcased in the project are Visionary, Surrealist and Fantastic.

Community building through collaborative projects and events is a central part of Dreams and Divinities. It offers an opportunity for artists with resonant dreams to find each other, to be inspired by each other and to unfold our best potential as a global movement.



Dreams & Divinities is a new project which was birthed from a book.

My name is Liba W Stambollion and I am an artist who likes to make books. I used to make handmade books but recently I have been building book structures for artist collaborations and publishing them. The idea is then to exhibit the original artwork along with the books.

2013 is the launch of the first conference and first travelling show. The artwork being shown is not necessarily included in the accompanying book. All work to make this travelling show happen is gifted and the book sold before and during the show is helping pay for logistics.

I would like to thank and recognize all the people who have and are making this project bloom:


I have broken this down by book due to the unique dynamics.

Sacred Expressions from Women

– Painter and curator Aloria Weaver and I brainstormed, contacted artists, curated the art and proofed this first book together.

-I conceptualized, designed and laid out the book.

– 13 painters
– 8 poets

Divining the Dream
– Artists Aloria Weaver, David Heskin and poet Delvin Solkinson, editor of Cosm Journal, did the proofs with me.

-I did the curating, design, lay out, financing to publishing
– 61 artists
– 26 poets

The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs
Gromyko Semper and I are building the concept and structure for this book.

Submission call for this project will be released in April.



– Artist Yamal Din, curator and organizer of the Fiarte, Granada has secured a Cathedral and a museum in Spain for us to exhibit in. He and I are handling all the transport of the show (from the point that we receive the work) the press and diverse logistics.

– Artist Andrés López Santiago is our contact for the Centro San Marco in the Iglesia San Marcos. He has been handling Toledo logistics from advertisement to the local press.

– Artist Raja Azaroual has been a great coordinator for getting things done in Toledo – all around motivated helper – translator.

-My husband designer and craftsman Pascal Stambollion has been an all around help from translations into French, dealing with paintings, building crates and framing etc..

-Artist Gabriela Garza Padilla  has made translations into Spanish for us and offered to translate at the conference.

-Artists  Gaia Orion and Hugues Gillet have worked on finding us a place to exhibit in Paris.

-Gallery owner and head of ONAYANTI – Jean Michel Gassend is driving the exhibition from Paris to Toledo.

– Concert by Schaye B & Teresa Gabriel,

-Dance by Jade Doniz

-Video by John Vaughan

-Presentations by Jean Michel Gassend, Mark Henson , Iain Whittaker and Bruce Rimmel

– I am  in charge of coordinating the event, curating and collecting all the work, choosing events for the conference, networking and diverse logistics.



– Artist Otto Rapp has been essential for networking. He has set up a special page for Dreams & Divinities in the Visionary Art Community and has kept our news up to date on artblogs and facebook pages.

-Artist  Michael Divine built the structure for this website to keep us all up to date on projects, books and shows.

-Florence Ménard , Chief Administrator and Head of Communications at The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art has translated our information into French for the press releases and brochure.

– I keep up the Dreams & Divinity facebook page, my D & D page, this site and the press releases.


For articles, interviews and exposure please see the separate page: