Spring Equinox Mexico 2014

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Mexico, spring equinox, Dreams and Divinities, visionary Art

Mexico Spring Equinox 2014

On the Spring equinox ( March 21st) of 2014, Liba W Stambollion and Gabriela Garza Padilla will launch a month-long exhibit of fifty artists starting with a week of events.  An eclectic range of International art from around the globe ranging from the Visionary Martina Hoffman to the Fantastic Zeljko Djurovic to the Surrealist Patrick McGrath Muñiz to the Indigenous Luis Eleazar Tamani Amasifuen (for Onayanti) will form one coherent exhibit of Spirit and Reflection.

Films, music, live painting, poetry and a blessing for Peace, for balance and for Love will take place from Friday the 21st to Wednesday the 26th of March.

Consult the schedule for details. 

Participating artists in alphabetical order:

Adam Scott Miller

Amanda Sage

Aloria Weaver  & David Heskin

Brigid Marlin

Bruce Rimell

Carrie Ann Baade

Cody A. Seekins

Delphyne V

Dennis Potokar

Dominique Desorges

Don  Farrell

Elisa Keir

Elisabeth Slettnes

Erik Heyninck

Fabián Jiménez

Gabriela Garza Padilla

Gaia Orion

Graszka Paulska

Gromyko Semper

Héctor Pineda

Iain Whittaker

Jade Leyva

Juan Carlos Taminchi

Kim Evans

Krisztina Lazar

Liba Waring Stambollion

Luis Eleazar Tamani Amasifuen

Marcus McAllister

Mark Henson

Martin Stensaas

Martina Hoffmann

Michel Bassot

Miguel Tio

Nobuki Omori

Otto Rapp

Patrick McGrath Muñiz

Peter Gric

Regine Kafeder

Roku Sasaki

Sabina Nore

Stuart Griggs

Susana Bravo

Timea Tallian

Vesna Krasnec


Zeljko Djurovic

From the museum of Santa Fe, Spain which is built on the very spot where the Catholic Kings signed the decree to send Columbus and the conquistadors to conquer the Americas, to the Mayan temples of Palenque, Dreams & Divinities takes us on an odyssey of energetic balance and peace between Europe and the Americas.

Please help us raise money for these events. Transport of the paintings being the most expensive cost to cover.

Contact libaws@gmail to make a donation or to sponsor the show. Your brand/project will be on posters, leaflets  and there will be a ‘thanks to’ list of generous donors and sponsors in the next book.

Mexico, dreams and divinities, visionary art,

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