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The 2013 Dreams & Divinities Travelling Show

Monday, November 18th, 2013
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The 2013 Dreams & Divinities Travelling Show just completed an Equinox to Equinox odyssey through Andalucia and into Paris. The exhibit consisted of fifty five artists from the book ‘Divining the Dream’and three guest artists. There were ninety-four pieces of art in total. Poets, performers, musicians and digital artists offered performances at the various events, engaging the public in a multi-sensorial experience.

How it all came together

Liba WS was offered by Yamal Din, the head of the Spanish Fiarte, some magnificent noncommercial places – a museum, town hall, a historical church and cultural center- to exhibit a selection of artists and create events. Then Jean Michel Gassend of La Porte Soleil along with the Société des Poétes Français offered to host parts of the show in Paris. Lots of wonderful opportunities but no one had money. Spain was broke and funding for the arts had been cut. Liba had a book and a network but also no funding. So the community just came together and it happened. Artwork started arriving… Performers and Video Jockeys, musicians, poets and artists flew into the beautiful places and exchanged and offered their skills as a gift to each other and to the public. The artists helped hang the shows, network it, transport it. (in part) Transport, printing and logistical costs were pretty much covered by book sales, donations and one paid event. The result was we made it happen and the exhibits and most events remained free for everyone to enjoy.

LIST OF ARTISTS FOR THE D & D TRAVELLING SHOW Adam Scott Miller Aloria Weaver Amanda Sage Andrés López Santiago Andrew Gonzalez Autumn Skye Betzon Macahuachi & Paolo Sajami – Onayanti Brigid Marlin Bruce Rimell Carrie Ann Baade Chris Dyer Cody Seekins Craig LaRotonda Daniel Tamani & Juan Carlos Taminchi -Onayanti Daniel Mirante David Heskin De Es Dominique Desorges Don Farell Donna Raymond Elisa Keir Elisabeth Slettnes Emma Watkinson Gabriela Garza Padilla Gaia Orion Geores Quebedo  & Tito Jorge Cabrera – Onayanti Gromyko Semper Hector Toro Hugues Gillet Iain Whittaker Kogu Kaoru Kuba Ambrose Laurence Caruana Leo Plaw Liba W Stambollion Lukas Kandl Mark Henson Martina Hoffmann Maura Holden McAllister Marcus Michel Bassot Nobuki Omori Otto Rapp Peter Gric Raja Azaroual Raul Casillas Romo Regine Kafeder Reinhard Schmid Roku Sasaki Santiago Ribeiro Sarah Zambiasi Shoji Tanaka Shinji Asano Sigrid Nepelius Steven Kenny Timea Tallian Toru Nagawa Vesna Krasnec Yamal Din Zeljko Djurovic


March 22-31st:  Launch & Exhibit  at the Centro Cultural San Marcos, Iglesia San Marcos, Toledo, Spain Five days of events included:Concert by Schaye B, tantric dance by Jade Doniz with video show by John Vaughan Presentations by: Bruce Rimmel -’The Minoan Epiphany – A Bronze Age Visionary Culture”  / Jean Michel Gassend – “ONANYATI, pinturas y esculturas de las diosas de la Amazonía”  / Mark Henson – “Art as catalyst for change- from  the Psychedelic ’60′s  to Occupy Wall Street”  / Iain Whittaker – presentation:  Precarious Authenticities

April 12th – 30th:  The Annual Fiarte takes part of the Travelling  Show at the Churiana Cultural Center, Granada, Spain  

April 22-30: The Maracena Town Hall takes another part of the Travelling  Show in Granada, Spain  

May 19th – June 2nd: The Museum ‘Instituto de America reunites the Show in Santa Fe, Granada, Spain.    

July 2013: The historic Société de Poètes Française took the book Divining the Dream and exhibited four dreamers in Paris, France.  

September 13th – October 9th. The Visionary Art Gallery of Paris took 35 pieces and we celebrated the Equinox on the 21st of September with: An acoustical interactive concert with Axel Lecourt A Multi-Sensorial Event by Michel Roudnitska A Documentary on the Dreams & Divinities 2013 Travelling Show by Vincent Gallet

Album of paintings:

Page with links to individual albums and shows:

Credits (scroll down to the Exhibit Tribe:


Photos from the community. Primarily from Liba WS, Peter Gric and Vesna Krasnec. Long photos by Morten Olsen.

Toledo bannerToledo Centro San MarcosToledo, Setting up the showToledo_Peter Gric_setupToledoToledo long 1bToledo long 1Toledo-inauguration-Presenting the artistsToledo inaugurationArtists Michel Bassot, Lukas Kandl, Iain Whittaker, Elisabeth SlettnesToledo artists Right to left Reinhard Schmid, Brigid Marlin, Gaia Orion, Bruce RimmelToledo inaugurationToledo showToledo_Otto Rapp Vesna Krasnec and Yamal DinShoji Tanaka and Peter GricToledo Nobuki Omori Vesna KrasnecToledo inauguration-booksToledo artistsToledo wine cellar receptionMark and Monti HensonArtists Don Farrel and Regine Kaefder Toledo - Video Jockey Jack and Emma WatkinsonSchaye B and Jade DonizToledo Schaye B and Jade DonizToledo - Bruce Rimmel presentationChurriana Town Hall - FiarteIMG_6405webMaracena Town HallMuseum bannerA double rainbow appeared right befre the museum launch.Gabriela Garza Padilla_Return of QuetzacoatlMuseum Instituto de Americas, Santa Fe_SpainPresenting Divining the Dream at the launchMuseum show_TV interview for a childrens channelParis_Four DreamersParis_four_dreamersFour Dreamers_Paris Michel Bernard speaks about Divining the Dream with Carrie Ann Baade & LibaArtists Delphyne V & Carrie Ann BaadeArtist Alex Sastoque and Michel BernardParis Equinox FinaleArtists Gabriela Garza Padilla and Martina HoffmannParis Equinox ShowOur host Jean Michel GassendArtists Martin Georg Oscity and Pascal FerryParis_presenting the documentary_ Dreams and DivinitiesParis Vesna Krasnec and Markus McallisterParis Equinox Axel Lecourt concertMichel Roudniska does a multisensorial event.Liba_Sophie and Michel RoudniskaArtists Otto Rapp_Peter Gric_ Gabriela Garza Padilla_Hector Toro and Luis TamaniParis inauguration Christian Lepere, Dominique Desorges, Michel BassotMartina Hofmann, Christian Lepere and Otto RappLiba_Sophie and Michel Roudniska

Please help us raise money for these events. Transport of the paintings being the most expensive cost to cover. Contact libaws@gmail to make a donation or to sponsor the show. Your brand/project will be on posters, leaflets  and there will be a ‘thanks to’ list of generous donors and sponsors in the next book. Buying Divining the Dream feeds cash into the project. You can see the book and get one here:!product/prd1/705041971/divining-the-dream

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In case of questions, please use the contact form on this site.

Museum Instituto de Americas

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013
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May 19th – June 2nd

Santa Fe (Granada) Spain

976957_10200379221855758_827995908_o419605_517679244959684_273171433_n734248_517679318293010_175189544_n 954745_517679284959680_1713081291_n923520_517680321626243_1516001212_n941402_517679381626337_198856771_n943494_517679368293005_1618417250_n945587_517679404959668_1967887222_n 960021_517679924959616_109819221_n264463_517679728292969_1743238478_n385326_517679514959657_943643948_n310203_517680251626250_1461492499_n181237_517680614959547_1218265036_n954693_517680828292859_1385012991_n  385339_517680691626206_172011912_n954673_517680734959535_243219141_n942573_517680804959528_1361558526_n184500_517680554959553_1211510476_n923412_517680541626221_1724285805_n943049_517680384959570_1375525052_n947227_517680461626229_1926394221_n263203_517680414959567_419685112_n942892_517680354959573_260936943_nmuseum SHORTbanner

Maracena Town Hall & Fiarte Granada

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013
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Fiarte welcomes us to Granada with a small selection for Churriana Cultural Center and around 35 pieces for the Marachena Town Hall

Maracena Town Hall

 Yamal Din of the FIARTE       Filming the show for TV   27988_475050959235176_1422812622_n

Maracena TV 2013Maracena 2013

Churriana Town HallArticle on Fiarte

Some Paintings from the Travelling Show

Thursday, April 25th, 2013
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I do not have images for all the pieces, but here is a good selection:

Lukas Kandl  Maura Holden Martina Hoffmann    Timea Tallian Liba Waring StambollionGabriela Garza Padilla  Amanda Sage Iain WhittakerTimea Tallian Chris Dyer Laurence Caruana260320_1840760380353_3868692_nSantiago RibeiroPrometheus-Gromyko SemperToru NagawaRegine KaefderDominique DesorgesDay's dream, Daniel Hannequand Onayanti Sarah Zambiasi Elisabeth Slettnes Peter Gric GONZO! IS THAT YOU? Otto Rapp FOMORII INCUBATOR - IN THE BEGINNING Otto Rapp  Gaia Orion - Chemin de Vie - Roku Sasaki Roku Sasaki Steven Kenny Totem Tools - Elisa Keir Michel-Bassot-Conversation-discrète-entre-deux-anges-et-un-pierre-  Paintbrush Warrior - Mark Henson Antenna- Adam Scott Miller Koha Kaouru Cody Seekins Budgie-Sattva Ego Dissolving Daniel Mirante - green Sophia nobuki-omori Nobuki Omori Don Farell Maura Holden Shakti_Carrie Anne Baade Warm Mediterranean nights, Zeljko Djurovic Ce que René Daumal a vu. Shoji Tanaka David Heskin & Aloria Weaver Craig LaRotonda_the_evocator Heartwave - Kuba Ambrose Persephone-Bruce-Rimell- Cody Seekins bubble-gohm-budgie-sattva Vesna Krasnec after life of the Honey Bees - Carrie Anne Baade Ancient Aqua Blessing - Raul Casillas Romo AlchimieDeCristallisation - Marcus Mcallister Michel-Bassot_ Cody Seekins Budgie Sattva

Dreams & Divinities 2013 launch and Conference

Thursday, April 18th, 2013
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A selection of photos from the artist community. 


Sal 2

Sal 1bSal 1 882180_10200904170314856_1665932156_o

  540746_10151589234651214_1329331561_n7171_10151589234841214_489522105_n483365_504332602958597_327555872_n893385_10151588301226477_496041011_o883332_10151588031156477_316497110_o528858_10151589233556214_1347759530_n31891_504341542957703_1294015811_n488024_504334089625115_810082957_n541231_504331359625388_2072189976_n   544188_10151589233956214_656650161_n429472_504331052958752_1037607906_n903888_10151588303651477_771717244_o901926_10151588030976477_1703607761_o893333_10151588309701477_577232109_oShoji Tanaka and Peter Gric893310_10151588314281477_1462698050_o902253_10151588303056477_1834425353_o891554_10151587925471477_211241759_o

883630_10151588931551477_1720708603_o882304_10151588309031477_321070297_oFrançoise & Lukas Kandl 53768_10151587632386477_1396306385_oIMG_6303web884457_10151589615446477_1350707660_oIMG_6360web883538_10151589612966477_480750171_o882868_10151589614801477_1641332400_oIMG_6356webIMG_6347webIMG_6405web  903280_10151554060568234_1861708653_o562596_504341089624415_534536377_n6299_10151316125132414_151870639_nIMG_6471web901268_10151587924106477_2029462339_o882619_10151588936646477_1085591186_o882359_10151588934356477_243131876_o883770_10151589621276477_925253456_o906462_10151589619041477_120190242_o 540146_504344509624073_1164674053_nIMG_6413webIMG_6418webslettneselisabeth733984_463153570424915_1812998733_n



List of Artists:

On the Spring Equinox of 2013 a travelling show of fifty eight artists and the book ‘Divining the Dream’ was launched at a Dreams & Divinity Conscious Art Conference in the:

Centro Cultural San Marcos  

Address: Calle de la Trinidad, 7, 45002 Toledo, Spain

Exhibit March 22-31 2013


Friday March 22:

19:00: inauguration, Launch of the exhibit and the book ‘Divining the Dream’

 Saturday March 23:

10:30: Bruce Rimmel -’The Minoan Epiphany – A Bronze Age Visionary Culture”

12 30: Jean Michel Gassend – “ONANYATI, pinturas y esculturas de las diosas de la Amazonía”

17:30 – 20:30: Concert by Schaye B, tantric dance by Jade Doniz & video show by John Vaughan

Sunday March 24th:

11:30: Mark Henson – “Art as catalyst for change- from  the Psychedelic ’60′s  to Occupy Wall Street”

Tuesday March 26th:

12: 30: Iain Whittaker – presentation:  Precarious Authenticities