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deer show, dreams and divinities



Modern Symbolists

Llamada de la montana

The Dreams & Divinities-AOI Travelling Show

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Kirschau, Germany August through October 3rd 2016

Poster AOI-DD_friese

Paris, France – Spring Equinox 2016

posterAOI 2016 web


The 2015-2016 Travelling Show

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San Francisco, Los Angeles,  Singapore

The Garden of Fernal Delights


The Garden of Fernal Delights


The 2013-2015 “Divining the Dream” Travelling Show

10 shows in 4 countries

Spain * France * Mexico * USA

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Collage Dreams Divinities

Dallas Finale at Luminarte Gallery

Spring Equinox – March 21st 2015

Banner web_fernal 5

Mexico 2014- 2015

 February 2015 – Monterrey, Mexico

webposter monterrey 2015

Paris, Matahati


Launch: Spring Equinox (March 21st) 2014 – Chiapas, Mexico

A week of Events and a month long exhibit at the

Museum ‘La Ensenanza’

1800441_10152262727010631_1625368356_n (1)


Toledo to Paris 2013

Paintings from the European Show:



Documentary on the Travelling Show

Following dreams and divinities


The Travelling Show celebrates the Autumn Equinox in Paris.

September 13th – October 9th

Click on Poster for Artist list and Bilingual Descriptions of the events:



Four Dreamers – Société des Poétes Français



Museum Instituto de Americas

museum SHORTbanner


Churianna Cultural Center & Maracena Town Hall, Spain



Toledo – Iglesia San Marcos

Spring Equinox 2013 –

Launch of Dreams & Divinities & Divining the Dream



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Divining the dream2

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