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A Fernal Exhibit & Booksigning For the Solstice.

Monday, November 30th, 2015
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banner Matahati Fernal letters only

December 12th – February 30th 2015 at MATAHATI

– Exhibit of Fernal Paintings and Letters from The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs

Martina Hoffmann, Gromyko Semper, Dengcoy Miel, Liba WS, Michel Bassot,

Roku Sasaki, Otto Rapp, Carrie Ann Baade, Zeljko Djurovic,

Wessi, Madeline Von Foerster, Gwyllm Llwyd,

Pascal Ferry, Timea Tallian, Maura Holden

Liba WSMartina HoffmannLiba WSPascal FerryMadeline Von FoersterRoku SasakiGromyko SemperRoku SasakiRoku SasakiWessiNatureSpirit-TimeaTallianrvbMaura HoldenDengcoy MielMartina HoffmannDengcoy MielZeljko DjurovicMichel BassotOtto RappGwyllm LwyddLiba WS

Vernissage – Concert
Samedi 12 décembre
entre 19h30 et 22h
26, rue Saint-Ambroise
75011 Paris
01 58 30 77 20 –

You can also buy the book on line:

The Encyclopeida of Fernal Affairs


Launching the Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs & its Travelling Show

Friday, June 5th, 2015
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On May 30th Bash Contemporary Gallery in San Francisco launched the book The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs along with its Travelling Show

The show will be up until the end of June 2015. If in the Bay Area, be sure to stop by!

Wednesday – Saturday | 12PM-5PM
and by appointment

210 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 926-8573

Photos from Liba WS, Kathi Stutler, Carrie Ann Baade & Della Burford

Heidi Taillefer's painting in the center. Left to Right: Bruce Rimell, Mike Davis, Hannah Faith Yata Left to Right:Roku Sasaki, Brigd Marlin Far Right: Rokuy Sasaki Left to Right: Charles Wish, Martina Hoffmann Left to Right: Craig Larotonda, Martina Hoffmann, Leslie Ditto Left to Right: Erich Moffit, Otto Rapp Sandra Yagi Dome by Carol Prusa, painting: Mark Garro Mark Garro Madeline Von Foerster Zeljko Djurovic Steven Kenny photographed by ONE HAT ONE HAND Ernst Fuchs 2014-08-24 08.01.32 2014-08-24 08.01.48 2014-08-24 08.01.59 2014-08-24 08.52.27 Bette Burgoyne Bette Burgoyne Vladimir OVtcharov Central piece: Dengcoy Miel Introducing Gromyko Semper's piece. 11024757_10155557871720251_7573194191220698904_n 04 - 82 2014-08-24 08.29.55-2 2014-08-24 08.32.10 04 - 12 2014-08-24 08.41.37 2014-08-24 08.44.10 Liba WS & Anthony Luzi present The Garden of Fernal Delights. 2014-08-24 09.05.30 2014-08-24 09.40.57 Eli Tiunine photographed by ONE HAT ONE HAND 1 2014-08-24 10.39.48-1 2014-08-24 10.42.44-2 2014-08-24 11.07.11 2014-08-24 11.08.44 A Paul Schmieder Photo 11109020_10155631670910293_2432417108769054180_n 11351387_10155557840750251_2164470640325329038_n 10308205_10205635321794665_7904552935201620361_n 11390381_10155631666140293_4875757089963316543_n 11391494_10155631627510293_6736297908302910364_n Liba WS with her paintings Carrie Ann Baade with her painting Bruce Rimell revealing the underpainting in his piece Kathi Stutler with her N Amanda Sage with her painting Aloria Weaver & David Heskin & their painting - A Paul Schmieder photo Bette Burgoyne with her B Magi Calhoun and her ceramic piece.  11390408_10155557985840251_7158382919214154492_n 11407251_10155631712265293_3997174758887994211_n

On May 31st Carrie Ann Baade spoke about the return of beauty and narrative in painting.

2014-08-25 05.58.59-2 2014-08-25 06.00.17

Bruce Rimmel introduced the Fernal language that he created for the Fernal Garden.

He presented a short film about the creation of the Fernal Cosmos narrated in Fernalese (with subtitles)

Click on the banner to watch it:


 2014-08-25 05.26.45

To Purchase a Copy of the Encyclopedia, click on the image:

front back2web


2014-08-23 11.19.51

Launching the Book & Exhibit of “The Garden of Fernal Delights”

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014
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The Garden of Fernal Delights

On May 30th from 6:00- 9:00 pm, BASH Gallery will  launch of the limited edition Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs.This 245 page book is illustrated and written by 114 artists and both co-creates and catalogues the Fernal Garden of Delights. Artists will be present for book signings.

Click on the image to Purchase

front back2web

For one month, thirty eight artists from the book will be exhibited at BASH.

Some of the Paintings From Each of the Artists

Sandra Yagi_Fernalia MapCharles Wish-ImagerieEli Tiunine_Amour Fraternel (L')Ernst FuchsCarrie Ann BaadeMark Garro_LoveCarol Prusa_PythiaHeidi TailleferBette Burgoyne CrasisAmanda Sage_Flower of LifeMartina_Hoffmann_Alien Head_1Subtle Succession - Amanda SageLiba WS_Buffalo of GratitudeZeljko Djurovic THE NEST,Liba WS_One with SnakeHannah Faith J-Yata_Rainbow Herbicides_Steven Kenny_The_Alchemical_MarriageMark Henson RIVERINE REVERIEOtto RappRoku Sasaki - Kama SutraMadeline Von Foerster_my_darlingtonia_drawingErich J Moffitt-Golden ApplesBrigid MarlinSandra Yagi_PachysquidsBruce Rimell Fernal Ocean GardenMagi CalhounRoku Sasaki_Lightning HeartDavid Heskin and Aloria WeaverWessi_DaimonionMartina Hoffmann PersephoneZeljko Djurovic GUARDIAN OF INNOCENCEBette Burgoyne - CalcificateZeljko Djurovic IN EXPECTATION, Leeroy New_Drip DressVladimir Ovtcharov_HarpyLeeroy New Carapace

Craig Larotonda Dengcoy Miel Gromyko Semper

PAINTINGS in Progress (waiting for images) from:

  Enlightened_Leslie Ditto  Mike Davis _in progress

There will be a Collage of Illuminated Letters from the book.

A_Carrie Ann Baade B_Bette Burgoyne C_Gromyko Semper D_Gwyllm L E for EROTIC F _Liba WS H_Heidi Taillefer I_Dengcoy Miel J_Sergey_Tyukanov K_JoeMacgown L_Brigid Marlin M_Vladimir Ovtcharov N_Kathleen Schmieder O_ Gaia Orion P_Carol Prusa R for RITUAL S_Martina Hoffmann T_Zeljko Djurovic V Michel Bassot W Bruce Rimell

BASH Contemporary Gallery

210 Golden Gate Avenue,

SF, CA 94102

(415) 926-8573 ·

For a listing of EVENTS please click on the banner:

banner events

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The Travelling Show celebrates the Equinox in Paris.

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013
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Banner PAris 

Bilingual Description – English below.


Après un lancement réussi à l’église San Marcos de Tolède,

“The Dreams and Divinities Travelling Show” a poursuivi son périple espagnol et arrive à Paris.

Du 13 septembre au 5 octobre 2013

Trente maitres de l’art visionnaire, surréaliste et fantastique 


Vernissage avec concert: 13 Septembre

Ouverture: 18 :00

Concert acoustique interactif avec Axel Lecourt : 19:30
De l’arc en bouche à la flûte pygmée, du rite aux rythmes, des sons et musiques des forêts primaires du Gabon à l’Amazonie, l’artiste Axel Lecourt, musicien insolite, partage ces voyages, sa joie de vivre et son Amour de la nature à travers une improvisation collective.


Célébration de l’équinoxe: 21 Septembre

Ouverture: 19:00

Présentation multi sensorielle par Michel Roudnitska: 20:00 -20:30

“Soleils Intérieurs” – Voyage au cœur des chakras et des éléments.

 Création vidéo HD d’inspiration chamanique et visionnaire à partir d’images de nature et d’images de synthèse (fractales, particules…) associée à une partition olfactive et sonore. Une immersion multi sensorielle et méditative sous forme de tableaux mouvants et évolutifs.”

Documentaire sur Dreams & Divinities: 21:00 -21:45

Le documentaire « Dreams  & Divinities » de Vincent Gallet sera projeté pour la première fois

à l’occasion de l’évènement.


THE VISIONARY ART GALLERY of PARIS  – “Atelier Porte-Soleil”

57 rue des Vinaigriers, 75010 PARIS

 entrée libre de 15 à 20h sauf dimanche et lundi- Visites sur rendez-vous au 01 44 72 94 33


Liste des artistes /List of artists:

Adam Scott Miller

Amanda Sage

Bruce Rimell

Carrie Ann Baade

Chris Dyer

Cody Seekins

Don Farrell

Elisa Keir

Elisabeth Slettnes

Emma Watkinson

Gabriela Garza Padilla

Gromyko Semper

Hugues Gillet

Iain Whittaker

Leo Plaw

Liba Waring Stambollion

Marcus McAllister

Martina Hoffmann

Maura Holden

Michel Bassot

Nobuki Omori

Onayanti-Betzon Macahuachi & Paolo Del Aguila Sajami

Onayanti-Daniel Tamani & Juan Carlos Taminchi

Onayanti-Geores Quebedo  & Tito Jorge Cabrera

Onayanti – peintre Luis Tamani Amasifuen

Otto Rapp

Peter Gric

Raul Casillas Romo

Robert Venosa

Roku Sasaki

Santiago Ribeiro

Sarah Zambiasi

Shoji Tanaka

Steven Kenny

Vesna Krasnec

Zeljko Djurovic




The 2013 Travelling Show was launched this Spring Equinox in the historical Iglesia St Marcos of Toledo Spain. It will finish this autumn in Paris with a celebration on the Autumn Equinox.

Because of limited space we will be exhibiting in a few Parisian places this autumn.  Artists from ‘The Travelling Show’ not in this show will be exhibited in another. TO BE ANNOUNCED.

Thirty of the the 94 pieces will be on display at “La Porte Soleil” from September 13th to October 5th 2013 (This selection consists of pieces not yet exhibited in the Gallery. Priority was given to D & D artists attending.)

OPENING WITH CONCERT: September 13th at  18 :00

Acoustical interactive concert with Axel Lecourt : 19:30

From the Mouth Harp to the Pygmy flute, Axel Lecourt engages us in the rites, rhythms and sounds of the Virgin Forests from Gabon to the Amazon. Through a collective improvisation he will take us on a voyage filled with the sounds of birds and unusual instruments, a testimony to his love for Nature and Life.

EQUINOX CELEBRATION: 21 Septembre at 19:00


A moment of Gratitude for the changing season and the art, music, wisdom, love and  appreciation we’ve had on this travelling show from Equinox to Equinox.


“Soleils Intérieurs” – Voyage into the heart of the chakras and the elements.

See, hear, smell..-Michel Roudnitska combines a High Definition video projection of digital images ( fractals, particles) and images of Nature and associates them  with sound and aromas created specifically for the given chakra or element.  The combination immerses us in a multi-sensorial experience.


Documentary on the launch of the Dreams & Divinities 2013 Travelling Show

A window into the launch with interviews, clips from the expo, the concert, the presentations…


Please use the contact form to communicate. I have my comments off due to too much spam.