The Triple Goddess in the Time of Abraham

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This presentation of the Goddess creatrix in the time of Abraham (description below) will take part on the VISION TRAIN GLOBAL ART JAM

created by Amanda Sage and friends.

Either you need to register to get on board the Zoom platform. You can do this on the Facebook page :

OR you can just watch it as a live stream on either Amanda Sage’s public page:

Or the Dreams and Divinities Page:

Bring your paints and projects… or just chill and listen…but definitely join us!!

Presentation starts Fiday May 8th at:

 8:15 Paris time is:

12:15 am MST

2:15 pm EST

7:15 pm UK time

9:15 pm Jerusalem time

4:15 am Sydney time


Introduction to the text

This small text of around 1500 words is the oldest existing Hebrew esoteric text and is attributed to Abraham who if historical, lived 1500-1800 bce. Our oldest written reference of it is in the Babylonion Talmud from the beginning of the first millennial. Our first written copy is from the 10th century ce. I will explore the history of the text and its general implications in the introduction.

When did a Mother become Masculine?

The main topic of this first part of the series, will be on the triple Mothers who birth the first Fathers. It will examine how these great Virgin Goddesses became Kings, and lords within Kabbalistic texts and the Hebrew culture. There will also be a focus on the history of the Semitic Goddesses and the triple goddesses of the region at the time right before Abraham and during his life. I will examine the parallels.

It will finish with the History of the rewriting of myths from before Abraham’s time to the Torah’s Genesis story with the Goddesses’ snake and sacred Tree at the center of the downfall of Eden. All due to that wicked Eve.

Question and answer – Discussion

There will be time for interactive discussion after the presentation

Liba WS is a painter, writer, maker of books and curator for Dreams & Divinities.

Painting central panel of  – Triple Goddess 2010 -2012 with digital overlay of illustrator art.

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