Album of Sacred Deer for the Chateau de Comper Show

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Chateau de Comper

The Sacred Deer show which was launched in November in Paris, has now packed up and headed for the magical Arthurian Forest of Broceliande.

The Arthurian Center for Imagination’s museum is in a castle nestled deep in the forest. They will hold the opening on Friday July 20th. This will coincide with their yearly Book fair wherein Dreams & Divinities will be presenting their books.

Liba WS of Dreams & Divinities has curated this show of twenty-four imaginative artists. The Brittany show will include new artists and will be up from July 4th through September 2nd.

Centre de l’Imaginaire Arthurien
Château de Comper-en-Brocéliande


Roku Sasaki           *             Vesna Krasnec           *         Oliver Benson

Liba WS             *        Carrie Ann Baade      *     Martina Hofmann

Amanda Sage & Joe BobMeritt *     Lian Kostler        * Bruce Rimell

David Heskin                 *      Carlos Caban                * Autumn Skye

Michel Bassot            *     Andrew Gonzalez   *        Zeljko Djurovic

Kathleen Schmieder     *     Pascal Ferry     *       Jennifer Mceuen


Severine Pineaux         *     Julie Baroh        *             Tessa Mythos

Vera Atlantia              *           Don Farrell                 *          Liba WS


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