Setting up the San Cristobal Show – March 2014

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Album ONE of a series of photos on the San Cristobal show and events.

Photos compiled from various artists.

All work was non commercial and voluntary.

Thanks to Mavi Ramirez – Director of Culture and Iran Sanchez – Coordinator of Culture

for the City of San Cristobal, for hosting us in their beautiful city.

Thanks to Teresa and Sergio Rodriguez from the Hotel Paraiso for receiving all our paintings.

Thanks to Hector Pineda and Fabian Jiminez for our posters, banners and pamphlets.

Thanks to Hector Pineda for all the hard work getting paintings out of customs.

Thanks to all the artists who stetched canvasas, hung paintings, set lights etc

Thanks to the donors who helped us financially and the sponsors who helped us in so many ways.

Our community is beautiful!

Liba WS  &  Gabriela Garza Padilla

- a Carrie Anne Baade image 2Hung a little droopy but a beautiful banner -image Libaa Gabriela Garza Padilla picture 5outside the church -image Bruce Rimellsigns - a Liba imagewith Teresa who received our painitngs - image Pascal StambollionA Radio interview for Dreams &Divinities

Setting up the exhibit at the museum La Ensenanza

 La Ensenanza - a Liba imagevisionary art, chiapas, Mexico- image Otto Rapp 4our museum La Ensenanza - picture Michel Roudniska7- setup - a Liba image6- setup - a Liba imageGetting ready to hang pictures - a Gabriela Garza Padilla picture 2Carrie A Baade stretching M. Stensaas's canvas - a Liba imagesetting up the show - picture Michel RoudniskaIain Whittaker - a Liba imageAdjusting the wires - a Liba image-- image Mark Henson 7Nobuki Omori - a Liba imagesetup - a Liba imageStuart Griggs & Miguel Tio- image Otto Rapp a Gabriela Garza Padilla picture Delphyne V - a Liba imageVincent Gallet armed and ready - a Liba imageDominique Desorges - a Liba imageYes, the gals actually worked as well ;-) - picture Michel Roudniska- a Gabriela Garza Padilla imageElisa Keir - a Liba image17- setup - a Liba imageAmanda Sage - a Liba imagePeter Gric - a Liba imageSetup - a Liba imageLuis Tamani Amasifuen - photos too purple...Left to right: Roku Sasaki, Mark Henson,Adam Scott Miller,Martin Stensaas, Liba WS - a Liba imageGromyko Semper, Sabina Nore, Susana Bravo - A Bruce Rimmel photoHector Pineda - a Liba imageRosindo - a Liba imagewith us in spirit - Michel BassotBruce rimell and Chris working hard - a Liba imageGromyko Semper, Erik Heyninck, Patrick McGrath Muniz- - a Liba imagea Gabriela Garza Padilla picture 15Marcus McAllister - a Liba imageOtto Rapp and Juan Carlos Taminchi- image Otto Rapp 2Bruce Rimell and Roku Sasaki - a Liba imageset up5 - picture Michel RoudniskaKrysztina Lazar - a Liba imageit's up - a Liba imageRosindo with Gabriela Garza Padilla in front of her painting - a Liba imageZeljko DjurovicDon FarrellJade Leyva - A Don Farrell imageFabian Jimenez - A Don Farrell imageCarrie Ann Baade - A Don Farrell imageVesna Krasnec - a Don Farrell imageRoku Sasaki -  A Don Farrell imageBruce Rimell - A Don Farrell imageMark Henson - A Don Farrell imageOtto Rapp - A Don Farrell imageLiba WS - a Don Farrell image9- setup - a Liba image10- setup - a Liba image

Paintings not seen in this album will be seen in the next San Cristobal Albums

To see all the paintings right now:

Patrick McGrath Muñiz


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